Applicants must submit transcripts from each institution for all completed university/college coursework as part of their application. International applicants must also provide a certificate of degree for any degrees that they have been awarded. Additionally, transcripts and/or certificates of degree are not normally printed in English, then attested English versions must also be provided.

For the purpose of admissions consideration, we ask our applicants to upload scanned copies of official transcripts or official electronic transcripts, with their application. The requirements for electronic transcripts are very specific, so please read the note about electronic transcripts below, before submitting them.

Any student who is offered a position with our department must also submit final official transcripts, prior to enrolling in our university. We recommend that you send final official transcripts as soon as they become available.  


Official Paper Transcripts:

Official transcripts sent by mail, must arrive sealed in the original envelope provided by the institution that prepared them. Please mail all official transcripts and certificates of degree directly to the Chemistry Department at the following address:

Chemistry Graduate Admissions
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
109 Noyes Lab, MC-712, Box 57-1
600 S. Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801


Electronic Transcripts:

Electronic transcripts uploaded to the application must be official electronic transcripts that have been prepared by request of the student through the appropriate office at your institution (typically the Registrar's Office or Records Office). Important: We will not accept "self-service, student versions" of unofficial transcripts, class lists, or grade reports. The transcripts you upload must contain, the name of the institution, the name of the student, the university/college seal, the titles of your courses, the number of credits for each course, the number of grade points and/or the letter grade for each course, and the grading scale for your institution. Any "transcripts" that do not meet those requirements will not be considered transcripts, and those applications will not be considered for admission until a valid transcript has been submitted. 

For electronic transcripts that are being sent to the department, do not select one of the destinations that are provided by the electronic transcript service. Most of the destinations provided by the electronic transcript services are only for general admissions, and they will not reach our office. Electronic transcripts being sent to the university, must be sent to the following email address:


Final Official Transcripts:

Please keep in mind that submitting digital/scanned transcripts with the online application does not replace the requirement to submit final official transcripts directly to the Chemistry Graduate Admissions Office, prior to beginning our program. Final official transcripts must be submitted as soon as they become available, and no later than the day you attend orientation with our Chemistry Graduate Program Coordinator. Your transcripts must indicate that all of your coursework has been completed, and if you have earned a degree by providing the date your degree was conferred. Otherwise, it will appear that your degree has not been completed. Your admission into our program will not be considered “complete” until your final official transcripts are received.

Please contact the Graduate Admissions Office if you have any further questions.



Chemistry Graduate Admissions

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
109 Noyes Laboratory, MC-712, Box 57-1
505 South Mathews Avenue 
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 244-6245
Fax: (217) 244-7091