Women in Chemistry Retreat

2020 Women in Chemistry Retreat

The Chemistry Graduate Diversity Office is excited to sponsor the 14th Annual Women in Chemistry Conference. The event is open to all graduate students and post-docs in the chemistry department who are passionate about advocating and supporting the professional advancement of women in the chemical sciences. The main objectives of the retreat are to provide professional and social networking opportunities, offer advice and information regarding early graduate school decisions, and provide career development information and perspectives. 

The event is being offered at no cost for all participants.

Date, time, and location:

Saturday, August 22nd from 9am – 2:45pm via Zoom

This event will start virtually at 9am, with an optional game night the day before the retreat on Friday, August 21st!


The deadline to register for this event is Friday, August 14th. You can find additional information and register for the retreat at the following link HERE.

Additional details:

Please join us in welcoming speakers including Dr. Nancy Gray, Dr. Lisa Balbes, Prof. YoungAh Park, Prof. Cathy Murphy, Ms. Patricia Simpson, Dr. Jennifer Griffin, Prof. Ambika Bhagi-Damodaran, Dr. Ariane Vartanian, the UIUC Counseling Center, and current graduate students in the UIUC chemistry department!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Brenna Budaitis (budaiti2@illinois.edu).