Chemistry Proficiency Exam

Students having a strong background in chemistry are encouraged to take the chemistry proficiency exam which can provide proficiency credit in one or two general chemistry courses. The proficiency exam is offered at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters only. Students are allowed to take the proficiency exam only once per semester.  There is no fee for taking the proficiency exams.

  The Fall 2021 Chemistry Proficiency Exam 


There is one available date when exams will be offered Tuesday, August 24.  

Registration for the Aug. 19 exam is now closed

August 24, Chem 102 exam, 5:00-6:50PM

August 24, Chem 104 exam, 5:00-8:00PM

You may only take one exam per day.  You may only take the 102 or 104 exam once during this exam period (August, 2021).  You may register for a Chem 102 exam and a Chem 104 exam if you wish.  You may not register for both Chem 102 or both Chem 104 exams.  You are not eligible to retake either exam until January, 2022.  

Registration for the August 19 exam will end at 6AM, August 17.  Registration for the August 24 exam will end at 6AM, August 22.

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Registration is now required for exams. 

Please plan carefully, our system only permits one registration submission per exam period and we cannot make changes to the list.

Proficiency exams are Pass/Fail.  Students are not given their grades for these exams. Students are sent an email that states a pass or fail.  Passing scores are reported to college offices.  There is no penalty for failing a proficiency exam.

General Chemistry Proficiency Exam Info

All proficiency exams are on-line.  

The Chem 102 exam is multiple choice and is designed to test proficiency in the major topics covered in the University of Illinois general chemistry curriculum.  It provides 3 hours of credit equivalent to Chem 102. 

If a student has 3 hours of Chem 102 credit (AP credit, proficiency credit, or other equivalent course credit), then they are eligible for the Chem 104 (full) exam.

No proficiency credit is granted for general chemistry lab courses.

Students are provided with a periodic table and standard formulae and constants along with the exam materials.   

We do not make previous exams or other exam materials available for study.  Any first-year chemistry textbook will provide adequate resources for study.

Time allowed for Proficiency exams

  • Chem 102 Proficiency Exam: 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Chem 104 Proficiency Exam: 1 hour 50 minutes


Students with documented accommodations through the campus's DRES office who wish to take the chemistry proficiency exam(s) must provide Dr. Kelly Marville ( with their accommodation paperwork by the registration deadline and are urged to contact both DRES and Keena Finney (kbaumgar@illinois.eduat least two weeks before a scheduled exam date to arrange for an exam. Due to exam security requirements, a proficiency exam may only be taken on one of the scheduled dates of a given semester.  Due to a change in facility access, students requiring DRES accommodations should register for the Aug. 24 exams only.


Exam results are sent via individual e-mail to each person who took the exam.  The exam is Pass/Fail only. 

No scores or grades are recorded.  Only passes are submitted to college offices.  Fails are not reported.

Due to exam security requirements, a proficiency exam may only be taken on one of the scheduled dates of a given semester. 

If, after reading carefully the above information, further questions regarding the General Chemistry Proficiency Exams exist, please direct them to:

Keena Finney,